Family Group Commissions

If you would like to commission a family group, please give me about four weeks notice so that I can be sure to get it done in time for you!

What I will need!

Good, clear, frontal, facial shots of each member of the family to be included. Don't forget your furry friends too!

At least 3/4 ideas for each person.....try to pick the things that mostly sum that family member up! For example, hobbies, interests, quirky ways, talents, don't forget to include any mannerisms too.....a certain way someone stands for example! That kind of thing. All of this will help me to come up with your own, very unique family group. 

I will send you my initial design ideas and this is the time to let me know of any corrections/alterations. 

I will send the final drawn design for approval before I start the final artwork. 
Stuck for ideas? Why not take a look at the examples on the Family Group page to get your creative juices flowing!

Other Commissions

All other commissions, either for weddings, couples, special birthdays, christenings, anniversaries etc also need to be ordered approx four weeks in advance! 

Once again, I will need clear, frontal, facial shots of anyone to be included in the illustration and ideas of what you would like me to include about the person/people in the illustration. Don't forget your pets too!

Initial designs will be sent to you for approval/corrections before the final artwork is completed!

I will soon be offering a range of children's illustration commissions for christenings and birthdays so watch this space!


Manrique family.jpg